“Dying on your own sword is so much better than dying on someone else’s”

keepF8 was built to document a journey into the uncertainty of life and pushing past blockades to push in maintaining a stance of principle and spread the message of fighting for your beliefs. An artistic expression and sharing of many faces in a complex representation that makes up an individual. Simply one of the many billions that live on this Earth. 

Encourage a world with a uniqueness that creates non ‘boxable’ human-beings.

Leap of Faith – I wanna change lives but not be profound about it.

keep atman

make men men again by showing anything is possible, what you’ve learned

keep f8




I’m an entrepreneur, author, life strategist, social media strategist at KEEPF8. I speak English, French, Spanish, Hindi, and some working proficiency in several other languages and dialects.

Whatever may appear on my formal resume, my life’s unfolding has not been linear. In 2020, I decided to take a new path to embark a new era of evolution towards a path of self-development and personal freedom.

Since then, I’ve been looking to build multiple organizations that make and leave an impact on the earth to deliver a message of light and positivity.

Living in other areas allowed me to live out of the comfort zone we get complacent in, an optimal place to learn and grow – adapting myself to another culture, learning its language, making new friends. After all these experiences and learnings, I’ve turned towards empowering people to give them frameworks to fast track their development towards success. Let me show you how. Contact me.